Juli 25, 2016


Music accompanies us from the beginning of our lives. On the day we’re born,  a cascade of sounds is the first impression we get of this world. Music conjures emotions, creates pictures in our heads and becomes the soundtrack of our life. „Star Wars“, „Rocky“, „Back to the Future“, „Beverly Hills Cop“ or „Super Mario Bros.“ and „Tetris“ – let’s be honest: Who doesn’t have pictures and melodies in his head?

Ever since I can remember, I was a big fan of film music. Thus, it was no surprise for my piano teacher that, when I first started at the age of 5, I rather wanted to play the beautiful pieces of John Williams or Danny Elfman instead of Mozart and Bach. My life suddenly changed though shortly after I turned 14: Looking for sheet music I stumbled across my first synthesizer. It was love at first sight. I had taken the first step into a bigger world…

Fast forward: Today, my work has been broadcast internationally on streaming services and TV-stations such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Showtime, ProSieben, KIKA, WDR, M6 or Univision, just to name a few.