TV-News: Music for „ACTION“ (Showtime)

The track „Sea of Blood“ from my latest album „Defender“ has been used in the Showtime documentary series „Action“, which deals with the legalization of sports gambling and its evolving impact on the gambling community. The 4-part series „chronicles the lives of professional gamblers, bookies and oddsmakers throughout the 2018 NFL season. The character-driven narrative delivers intimate access Read more about TV-News: Music for „ACTION“ (Showtime)[…]

New Album: DEFENDER Now Available

Out now for your listening pleasure and the creative industries: my album “DEFENDER” comes with 11 high octane instrumental trailer tracks,  written, recorded and mixed by yours truly.
You can find the album on Spotify or Apple Music. Just follow this link: […]

Music & Sound Design for „Quarks & Co.“

December 11 will mark a special date in the history of „Quarks & Co„, the leading science show on German television: There’s going to be an exclusive interview with Commander Alexander Gerst from the ISS, who talks about his time on the space station as well as how to cope with the weightlessness. On the Read more about Music & Sound Design for „Quarks & Co.“[…]

Sound Design: „Immer Lustig Ruhrpott“ Opening Titles

I recently did the sound design of the opening titels and bumpers for the comedy show „Immer Lustig Ruhrpott“, which will premiere on December 8, 8.15pm CET, on WDR TV. It features legendary german comedians such as Helge Schneider, Gerburg Jahnke, Dieter Krebs, Herbert Knebel or Hape Kerkeling, among many others. More information about the Read more about Sound Design: „Immer Lustig Ruhrpott“ Opening Titles[…]

Music for the Klartext Award 2018

Once again, I had the great honor to write music for this year’s „Klartext Award for Science Communication“ and give the winners in each of the categories their own musical voices. Follow the link and click on the scientists to find the video portraits with my music. All videos were shot & edited by Read more about Music for the Klartext Award 2018[…]