„Deine Arena“ cinematics

Here’s a small selection of cinematics from „Deine Arena“, a quiz game playable on your mobile devices and in your browser that let’s you play against your friends as well as total strangers. In this case it’s the training arena, the music arena and the sports arena. I wrote the music and did the sound Read more about „Deine Arena“ cinematics[…]

Composer Challenge: No Country For Old Men

A Facebook group I’m in regularly initiates composer challenges. Since I’ve been pretty busy in the last couple of months I missed out on the first four challenges, but this one I couldn’t miss. We were challenged to write music for a scene from „No Country For Old Men“, a brilliant film by the Coen Read more about Composer Challenge: No Country For Old Men[…]

Out now: AIDventure

I wrote some in-game music and did the overall sound design for a game called AIDventure.  It was recently developed by Fancy Dino Studios in cooperation with the organization Gaming-Aid, which helps people who find themselves in dead-end situations. It’s a fun game to play, it’s free and it’s for charity, so check it out. You can find the Read more about Out now: AIDventure[…]

Wormhole City

My music will be featured in an upcoming sci-fi video game called „Wormhole City“ by Zenrok Studios. It’s a single-player adventure with third-person platforming, racing, puzzle and action elements. It’s currently in development in Unreal Engine 4 for PC. Solve gravity-defying puzzles and gain power-ups through exploration and defeating enemies. Participate in the criminal-infested Mechalympis Read more about Wormhole City[…]

Soundtrack Cologne & Jeff Rona

In the beginning of July I was informed I was one of 8 composers who are invited to a masterclass of Jeff Rona during the Soundtrack_Cologne convention. And what can I say? It was pretty amazing. Jeff not only reviewed every single one of the contributions in great detail and gave constructive criticism, but also managed to push everyone’s writing skills to the next level within just one day. I met… […]