Music & Sound Design for „Quarks & Co.“

December 11 will mark a special date in the history of „Quarks & Co„, the leading science show on German television: There’s going to be an exclusive interview with Commander Alexander Gerst from the ISS, who talks about his time on the space station as well as how to cope with the weightlessness.
On the other hand it’s going to be the last episode hosted by Ranga Yogeshwar, who was the show’s face and voice for 20 years now.

I did most of the music and sound design for this episode.

UPDATE: if you missed it on TV, you can find the episode in the ARD media library:–wir-schalten-ins-all—alexander-gerst-und-seine-mission/eid_281111039504523?fbclid=IwAR1iFktkzezaFr5P9LhH7htadplkmRl4r0nZA81_k5bt3VWPZ3opw0lyEfY

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