TV-News: Music for „Durch die Wildnis“ (Das Erste)

The track „The Dark Cloud“ from my 2017 album „Conqueror“ (Warner Chappell / Elbroar) was recently used in the TV-show „Durch die Wildnis – Sierra Nevada“ on Germany’s prime television station Das Erste. The show follows six teenagers making their way across the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada in Southern Spain, without cellphone, laptop, friends Read more about TV-News: Music for „Durch die Wildnis“ (Das Erste)[…]

TV-News: Music for „Mountain Men“ (TV 2 Zebra)

Discovering the raw beauty of the mountains of Alaska, Idaho, Montana or North Carolina, „Mountain Men“ follows nine indiduals making their livings as survival coaches, fur trappers or pilot. The track „Mysterious Battlegrounds“ from my instrumental album „DEFENDER“ (Warner Chappell / Elbroar) was recently used in one episode of the latest season. Find „Mysterious Battlegrounds“ Read more about TV-News: Music for „Mountain Men“ (TV 2 Zebra)[…]

TV-News: Music for „Judge Judy“ (CBS)

The new decade begins with a pretty cool music placement: My track „Sea of Blood“ (Warner Chappell / Elbroar) from my album „DEFENDER“ was used in the long running courtroom hit show „Judge Judy“ on CBS. You can license this and a bunch of other tracks via Warner Chappell Production Music. Just follow this link: Read more about TV-News: Music for „Judge Judy“ (CBS)[…]

New Release: Sundowner

You can now license three of my tracks from Music Sculptor’s latest release „SUNDOWNER“. The titles „Night Out“, „Urban Lawz“ and „Good Life“ pretty much speack for themselves, so if you’re looking for chilled, dynamic and modern music that conjures this vacation feeling and is the perfect accompaniment for your night at the beach club, Read more about New Release: Sundowner[…]

New Interview

I’ve recently been featured in the outlets of the FUNKE Media Group, one of Europe’s largest newspaper publishers. Journalist Patrick Friedland and photographer André Hirtz visited me in my studio and we talked about my film and tv music endeavours as well as my work with FTANNG! and L.A. Streethawk. You can read the whole Read more about New Interview[…]

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Music for Klartext Award

Once again, I had the honor to write the music for the video portraits of the winners of this year’s Klartext science award, which is given annually to six scientists by the Klaus-Tschira-Stiftung. The categories 2019 were biology, chemistry, geo-sciences, computer sciences and physics. It’s been a fun challenge to find the fitting musical voice Read more about Music for Klartext Award[…]

TV-News: Deutschlands schnellste Ranking Show (RTL)

My tracks „Wacky Case“ and „Unfortunate Series of Events“ were used in the show „Best of…! – Deutschlands schnellste Ranking Show“ on RTL Television. The show is introduces everyday heroes, misadventurerers or bizarre, comical, romatical or tragic situations – basically all facets of everyday life. Thanks to Anselm & Sebastian from Music Sculptor for the Read more about TV-News: Deutschlands schnellste Ranking Show (RTL)[…]

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Behind the scenes: Hamburg

This week I visited the amazing people from Warner/Chappell in Hamburg to discuss a couple of things and explore ways of working together in the future. I love those kind of meetings, they’re exciting and you never know the outcome. Here’s a little spoiler:

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TV-News: Music for „ACTION“ (Showtime)

The track „Sea of Blood“ from my latest album „Defender“ has been used in the Showtime documentary series „Action“, which deals with the legalization of sports gambling and its evolving impact on the gambling community. The 4-part series „chronicles the lives of professional gamblers, bookies and oddsmakers throughout the 2018 NFL season. The character-driven narrative delivers intimate access Read more about TV-News: Music for „ACTION“ (Showtime)[…]

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