Sounddesign for the WDR „Superkühe“

I did the sound design and audio editing for a very cool and ambitious project helmed by the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). It’s called „Superkühe“ and deals with the way we consume our milk (if we do so that is). We all know the problem: Standing in the supermarket in front of 5 different kinds of milk and we realize we actually know very little about the circumstances and lifes of the cows giving us the milk.

„Superkühe“ wants to change this. In this experiment, 3 cows from 3 different facilities are monitored with sensors that provide you with detailed information about them: How many litres of milk each cow gives evey day, how much fodder they get and even the temperature and air pressure in the barn.

Visit the „Superkühe“ website here for more information. 

Here are the three explanatory videos about the project, which also include my sound design. Enjoy.