Hollywood Flavor: Tina Guo on my upcoming album

If you’re a film or game music fan like me, cello virtuoso extraordinaire Tina Guo is no stranger to you. Yesterday, I had the great honor to witness Tina play a couple of melodies I wrote for my upcoming album „DEFENDER“ (Elbroar / Warner Chappell). Even if you might not be familiar with Tina’s name, you’ve heard her play for sure. Her filmography reads like a „Best of“-compilation of recent film making. As Hans Zimmer’s go to Cello player she can be heard on the scores for Christopher Nolan’s „Batman“-movies, „Dunkirk“, „Pirates of the Caribbean“, „Inception“ or „Sherlock Holmes“. The most memorable tune she played might be the „Wonder Woman„-theme by Hans and Tom Holkenborg, which she played on an electric cello.

Watching Tina breathe life into the melody lines I wrote was just magical. Moreover, she was just the nicest person to work with. Here are two short clips from the recording session: