TV-News: Music for „Durch die Wildnis“ (Das Erste)

The track „The Dark Cloud“ from my 2017 album „Conqueror“ (Warner Chappell / Elbroar) was recently used in the TV-show „Durch die Wildnis – Sierra Nevada“ on Germany’s prime television station Das Erste. The show follows six teenagers making their way across the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada in Southern Spain, without cellphone, laptop, friends Read more about TV-News: Music for „Durch die Wildnis“ (Das Erste)[…]

TV-News: Music for „Mountain Men“ (TV 2 Zebra)

Discovering the raw beauty of the mountains of Alaska, Idaho, Montana or North Carolina, „Mountain Men“ follows nine indiduals making their livings as survival coaches, fur trappers or pilot. The track „Mysterious Battlegrounds“ from my instrumental album „DEFENDER“ (Warner Chappell / Elbroar) was recently used in one episode of the latest season. Find „Mysterious Battlegrounds“ Read more about TV-News: Music for „Mountain Men“ (TV 2 Zebra)[…]

New Release: Sundowner

You can now license three of my tracks from Music Sculptor’s latest release „SUNDOWNER“. The titles „Night Out“, „Urban Lawz“ and „Good Life“ pretty much speack for themselves, so if you’re looking for chilled, dynamic and modern music that conjures this vacation feeling and is the perfect accompaniment for your night at the beach club, Read more about New Release: Sundowner[…]

New Album: DEFENDER Now Available

Out now for your listening pleasure and the creative industries: my album “DEFENDER” comes with 11 high octane instrumental trailer tracks,  written, recorded and mixed by yours truly.
You can find the album on Spotify or Apple Music. Just follow this link: […]

Hollywood Flavor: Tina Guo on my upcoming album

If you’re a film or game music fan like me, cello virtuoso extraordinaire Tina Guo is no stranger to you. Yesterday, I had the great honor to witness Tina play a couple of melodies I wrote for my upcoming album „DEFENDER“ (Elbroar / Warner Chappell). Even if you might not be familiar with Tina’s name, Read more about Hollywood Flavor: Tina Guo on my upcoming album[…]

Music & Sound Design For

Recently I was assigned the task to write music and do sound design for the latest commercial of, a streaming portal for amateur sports clubs and leagues.  At marks another successful cooperation with the visual geniuses of Black & Code from Cologne. Finally, the spot has been released and I’m happy to share it Read more about Music & Sound Design For[…]

Music for „Klartext“-Science Award

This was definitely a fun one. Every year the honorable Klaus-Tschira-Stiftung awards the prestigious „Klartext – award for science communication“ to seven scientists working in the fields of biology, chemistry, computer science, geoscience, mathematics, neuroscience and physics. I was hired to write the music for the seven films portraying the laureates, which can be seen Read more about Music for „Klartext“-Science Award[…]

„CONQUEROR“ out now

It is with boundless pleasure that I can announce the release of my album „CONQUEROR“ via Elbroar, the new label by Warner Chappell Production Music. I’ve been working on it for the last 6 months and the result is what happens to be my first endeavour into the realm of epic hybrid trailer music. Here’s Read more about „CONQUEROR“ out now[…]