Making of „CONQUEROR“

Composing the music for „CONQUEROR“ was an amazing process and luckily the cameras were rolling. Here’s a little making-of where I give some insight into my background and how I approached the compositional process.

The solo cello was played by the very talented Moises Lee Cheon from the Essen Philharmonic Orchestra.

01 The Dark Cloud
02 Beyond Time
03 Alternate Dimensions
04 Rise Of The Machines
05 Mary’s Song
06 New Elements
07 Edge Of The World
08 Dawn Of Uprising
09 Stargazers
10 We Need To Leave This Place

The album was recorded and mixed at the zen garden studio, Essen, with the help of Gerd Meyer.

„CONQUEROR“ is available on all known streaming platforms and online stores.

The album or single tracks can be licensed via (Album Code: ER1023)